Celia Muñoz is a AGT finalist and golden buzzer and Spain got talent winner. Is a multifaceted artist, combining ventriloquism, operatic singing and acting in a revolutionary and innovative manner. 

The spirit of the Diva (AGT finalist act)

The Spirit of the Diva caused a huge impact in AGT finals. Is an innovative and original number of ventriloquism. Through an invocation, Celia, using only her voice,  will make appear the spirit of the great Maria Malibran. It is an act in which ventriloquism and illusion meld in a natural and unforeseen manner. . 

"It is genius" Simon Cowell

«“It will be one the most viral videos of Got Talent worldwide.”«. Santi Millán.




More of Celia on AGT

The recent appearing of Celia on AGT has been refreshing . Her innovating ideas and her amazing technique left audience and jury speechless.

"You rised the dial to 11". Howie Mandel.

"From all this years. This is the best, most original and most creative ventriloquist act". Simon Cowell

"I do not know what to say, it was such a surprise, so different to everything i have seen"Sofía Vergara.

The Little Nightingale

Joselito, called the Little Nightingale, who triumphed internationally in the 50’s and 60’s, and is also known as the Golden Voice

 will be brought back to the stage to steal our hearts again, through Celia’s incredible ventriloquism.